Richard is always making patients smile or laugh to ease their nerves before surgery.

Richard Price’s philosophy of care involves taking a calming and humorous approach to situations that can cause patients to be anxious or scared. He likes to personally get to know each patient he comes in contact with. If he can get them to smile or laugh even just a little, he feels like the effort was worth it.

Sometimes patients can get scared or embarrassed, but he believes that having a friendly face to talk to before they go to sleep for surgery can put their minds at ease. This isn’t difficult for Richard because he loves to talk anyway; it’s just an added bonus for him!

Taking the time out of his busy schedule to chat for a few minutes about something other than the usual medical questions and conversations, Richard is able to help his patients shake off the nerves, no matter the situation.

Richard recently received the CHI St. Joseph Health Values in Actions Award for his incredible life-saving actions while he was off duty.

On his way to pick up tickets that he won on the radio, he came upon a vehicle stopped on the side of the road. There was a woman holding a five-month-old baby and screaming for help because her baby was not breathing. Richard took the baby, turned the baby over and gave a few thrusts on the back. A small, chewable wagon wheel was then dislodged from the baby’s throat and the baby began breathing normally again.

The woman thanked Richard over and over and asked for his name, but he simply stated it must have been a God thing and suggested that the mother stick to milk only for the baby!