Clara Scott is a long-time employee of CHI St. Joseph Health. The positive attitude and helpful mindset she brings to the 3pm – 11pm shift benefits everyone she works with in her department. Clara’s Compassion for helping patients is her greatest asset. She answers every call with smile on her face and cheer in her voice. Because of her kind heart, Clara is beloved by her coworkers in her team at Tower 3. She never lets the stress of the job affect her dedication to helping people get the care they need.


  1. Michael Steines, MD

    Clara is the best! Always in a good mood. Never too busy to help or be friendly!

  2. Linda L Caraway

    Clara is just the most genuinely kind and compassionate lady. God bless her!

  3. Rachele M.Kammel

    As a former employee of St Joseph’s I can unequivocally concur that Clara Scott is this facility’s
    greatest treasure!
    you can hear her smile in her voice.
    Her soft spoken ,positive attitude carried me through many rough shifts.
    Clara Scott is one of those very rare human beings that God created
    One who is without conceit ,without prejudice
    Humble, respectful, unbelievably strong yet so unbelievably gentle.
    May God continue to shed His Grace on you,my old friend
    Rachele M. Kammel R.N.

  4. Krystle Acton

    I love Clara! She is the best, sure do miss her!

  5. Jamie (worton) Conde

    I still talk about this wonderful woman! They just don’t make them like Clara!

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