About CHI St. Joseph Health

CHI St. Joseph Health has been serving the Brazos Valley since 1936. The healthcare ministry of CHI St. Joseph Health embodies a powerful legacy of caring through reverence, integrity, compassion, and excellence. We have grown over the last 80 years, developing a regional network of hospitals and healthcare facilities serving patients in Bryan, College Station, Navasota, Caldwell, Madisonville, Bellville and Brenham and the surrounding communities.

CHI St. Joseph Health is dedicated to enhancing community health through high-quality, cost-effective care. In partnership with our physicians and community partners, we are committed to excellence and compassion in caring for the whole person while creating healthier communities. With the only Level II Trauma Center, the first Joint Commission certified Primary Stroke Center, and the first accredited Chest Pain Center in the Brazos Valley, CHI St. Joseph is a leader in critical care and the largest provider of cardiovascular care in the region.

We honor team members who put our values of Reverence, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence in action by exemplifying these behaviors in daily interactions with our patients, community and staff. Below are the team member behaviors we encourage our employees to live by.

Compassionate: Those who exemplify compassion care for others with kind hearts, go above and beyond whenever possible to help, and treat others with respect and courtesy. They take an interest in the wellbeing of others and approach everyone in a friendly and welcoming manner.

Mindful: Those who are mindful pay attention to the present moment respectfully, with purpose and no judgment. They carefully listen and consider the viewpoint and values of others, remain calm and considerate of emotions and the situation at all times, and follow protocols while advocating to deliver safe, quality care.

Innovative: Innovation stems from the desire for continuous improvement through original and creative thinking. Innovative people continuously learn and seek evidence-based best practices, are willing to take risks and try new approaches for the common good, and often think outside the box. They see opportunities for positive change and recommend unique, effective solutions in a collaborative manner.

Confident: Confidence is trust and faith in the ability of oneself and colleagues. Those who radiate confidence put others at ease during times of uncertainty, respect others through empowerment, and take responsibility for being knowledgeable and skilled in their jobs and about the organization. They recognize their own limitations and seek accurate answers to questions from subject matter experts.

Trustworthy: Those who are trustworthy exemplify the commitment to personal integrity and competence at all times. They value strong relationships and work to build these through effective and consistent communication, maintaining honesty and integrity always. Trustworthy people keep commitments and are accountable for follow-through and getting results, fostering a feeling of reliability among others.

Empathetic: Empathy is demonstrated through the understanding and sharing of the feelings of others. Empathetic people use their own experiences to understand and care about others, placing themselves in another’s position. They see with the eyes of another, listen with the ears of another, and feel with the heart of another.